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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Launching of New Book The Taming

Coming to Amazon June 12, 2014....

The Making of The Black Thunder Series, The Taming

Phase One
I wanted to be a writer!  
Aspiring to my dreams, tasting my penned words and 
salivating over them like a top grade menu;
 choosing each read syllable carefully till the texture was a smooth masterpiece of perfection.  
How could I know that the creation of my words
 was the easy part!

Phase Two
I am not an editor, by trade 
but through this journey, I have become one.
I have learned about adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, simile, when to use comas, capitalization, periods, writing first person, second person, quotations, italicizing, the use of ah, humph, shh, but never argh(personal choice)!
I have listened to audio book after audio book, memorizing the flow of words like a metronome, 
finding the rhythm of my own voice in words.  

I hired an editor and paid for its editing only to continue editing myself until I was satisfied. 
The book has been given to friends, family, co-workers as beta readers then after more editing.

Phase Three
Query, Query, Query.... Only to discover I am terrible at writing queries, synopsis!  Argh!  (Seemed appropriate)
Re-wrote synopsis, overview of my novel 
until I was blue in the face.

Phase Four
I am going to be an Indie Author!
And this is where my head explodes.....
I use to think I was computer savvy 
but all this unknown formatting to e-book, mobi, 
print on demand has gone beyond my expertise.  
I have read every how to from bloggers to e-books,
 and I realized just how behind the times, I am.
(Oh and in between all this formatting, guess what, I was still editing too...one more argh if you please.)

Phase Five
Social Media Explodes as does my head for a second time.
Marketing, marketing, marketing!
Request after request to please read my book and review it!
If feel like a beggar on a street panning my novel so somebody will drop me a kudos...oh please do!  oh please do!
Then there is good reads, book clubs, Facebook groups, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...
So many to reach with only two hands or ten fingers (more precisely eight sloppy fingers and two clumsy Thumbs) 
tapping away at my keyboard.  
I am sleep deprived, living on fast food, and haven't seen the light of day in a while.  
My skin is so pale that I blend into the wall.

Phase Six
There is light at the end of the tunnel 
my journey for The Taming is almost complete.
If I had common sense I would stop here 
but I can't.  
I am almost to the fruition of my dream!  
My heart is racing and I am on the verge of Utopia 
ready to spill over 
in the bliss of holding my first book in my hand 
and telling myself 
"Job Well Done."

To anyone who is thinking about independent publishing.

 I encourage you to move forward towards your dream.  The journey is what I call "growing pains" to a new author who has the courage to see their visions fulfilled.
I for one am ready to do it all again 
since this is a three book series.  (Oh yeah another argh!)  

Call me a glutton for punishment but I think I have enough tenacity in me (or is it stubbornness) to never give up!

So grab a cup of coffee, kick back (maybe read my book..hint...hint) and let's just blog!


  1. I really enjoy reading your books. Your writing style is amazing. I read your books and then went to another author and was stumbling all over the place. She just didnt possess your flow and grace when it came to bringing words to life. You truly have a gift.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Lytebeing. I appreciate your kind words and support!